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About TurboTorch Soldering Torches

The Turbo Torch Brand is manufactured by the Victor Equipment Company offers brazing and soldering solutions for HVAC and plumbing markets. It is a well-known company among professionals. For those who plan on becoming a professional or working a lot in this sphere, it will be very useful to buy Turbo Touch products.

The company has been manufacturing torches and other professional tools for more than 30 years. Nowadays, it is a leading supplier in many countries.

With the help of its innovative technologies and experience, Turbo Torch has managed to maintain records that other competitors cannot beat. Engineers work hard to develop the most convenient design and improve each model. The company is also famous for commitment to contractor training, recognized by NATE. Furthermore, the company provides exceptional customer support not only for contractors, but for wholesalers as well. Turbo Torch is proud of its comprehensive line of air fuel and oxy fuel models, in addition to a variety of accessories and tips. Working in such sphere, it is essential to think about safety which is why the company also pays a lot of attention to make their products safer and child-resistant.

Turbo Torch has built products for any need and desire—there are tools for Acetylene and LP Gas, as well as MAPP and oxy-acetylene applications. Numerous innovations are made each year. The latest technologies added were connected with metal and ductwork applications.

Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of Turbo Torch products at reasonable prices, including soldering torch tips, soldering torch kits, hand torches and torch accessories.

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