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Goodman P140149
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Goodman P140149
Goodman Evaporator Coil, Uncased, Upflow/Downflow - 4 Tons
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Goodman® is a well-established manufacturer specializing in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products. These Goodman heating and cooling products are available for both residential and commercial structures. The Goodman Manufacturing Company is currently based in San Antonio, TX, where it was founded in 1954 by Harold V. Goodman.

In 1975, Goodman Manufacturing began transitioning towards manufacturing HVAC equipment after seeing a need for high quality and reasonably priced central air conditioning systems. In 1982, Goodman formally became a manufacturer of central air conditioners. They've consistently innovated in the industry, creating the finest HVAC products that professional contractors and homeowners alike can appreciate.

The Goodman Manufacturing company developed a philosophy to build central air conditioning systems based on the following:

  • High Quality at an Affordable Price
  • Durable, Long Lasting Heating and Cooling Products
  • Provide Outstanding Limited Warranties

With their motto, "Thank goodness for Goodman", the company quickly became known for dependable air conditioning and heating units by focusing on the product side of their business model. In addition, their product warranties are regarded highly within the heating and cooling industry. Goodman provides a standard limited warranty on functioning parts and a component warranty on select warranties depending on the product.

For example, some select Goodman gas furnaces carry a limited warranty coverage on the heat exchanger and specific Goodman central AC systems carry a limited warranty coverage on the compressor. The company also offers extended service plans in most states, further illustrating its commitment to product excellence.

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