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When it comes to solar technology, Grape Solar makes it simple to understand and install. Based out of Eugene, OR, Grape Solar designs a wide range of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and solar powered devices for residential, commercial, and outdoor use. The company believes in making solar power affordable and straightforward to use and all of their solar panels are UL and CEC certified.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Grape Solar products, including panel kits and portable solar chargers. The majority of what we sell here are Grape Solar off-grid panels. These PV kits are ideal for installation with RVs, cabins, boats, and more, as well as for back up and emergency uses. This is because Grape Solar small off-grid solar panels can be easily reconfigured, are tailored to your specific power demands, and are durable enough to withstand severe weather conditions. Plus, they are lightweight and portable and don't need to be connected to the utility grid, which allows them to accommodate many unique applications.

Grape Solar's portable and outdoor products are just as durable and energy efficient as their solar panels. These supplies range from portable, solar powered battery packs to solar refrigerators that are powered by Grape Solar PV kits. These are great for outdoor and camping use or simply for backup systems in the home or in cabin scenarios. Alternatively, Grape Solar chargers can also be kept in the car or a backpack for emergency charging situations.

We recommend talking to a licensed electrician or professional solar installer before purchasing your Grape Solar panels. Your application will require a specific voltage, amperage, and wattage layout. Plus, local professional electricians will be knowledgeable about local, statewide, and national rebates and tax credits on Grape Solar panels. If you have any questions about Grape Solar solar products, don't hesitate to contact a member of the Westside Wholesale team.