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Greenlee has a rich history of providing high-quality tools to the wood-working and electrical industries. For well over a century, Greenlee has kept its standards of quality and precision high, keeping pace with ever-changing technology to provide customers and industry professionals with the high-performing tools they need.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized merchant of Greenlee tools. We stock a large selection of Greenlee products, including flashlights, conduit benders, electrical test equipment, safety equipment, hand tools and much more. Westside Wholesale respects Greenlee for its dedication to expanding and innovating its product offerings.

Greenlee electrical tools, hand tools and equipment have applications in many diverse industries, from electrical, public utility, agricultural, construction and telecommunications fields to simple and complex home use. The Greenlee company is always ahead of the curve when keeping in line with new regulations and demands in the field.

Most importantly, Greenlee's tools are created to work reliably for years to come. Greenlee electrical test equipment, flashlights and hand tools are great for contactors on the go and are designed for accuracy and durability. Westside Wholesale also stocks many Greenlee accessories designed to help protect users in the field, including gloves, glasses, safety vests, hats and more.

This also extends to Greenlee's top-of-the-line conduit benders, which promise incredibly precise bend quality. These durable conduit benders are designed for even the roughest environments and are often backed by a limited warranty through the manufacturer. We also carry a wide range of accessories and replacement parts for these Greenlee conduit benders so you get the most use out of your model.

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