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At Westside Wholesale we do our best to bring only high quality goods to our customs, as we understand the importance of ensuring comfort and safety wherever it is necessary both at home and at work. Nowadays, you can come across many brand names which produce first-rate goods. And at the moment you are in search of a special light bulb, aren’t you? So let us give some pieces of information to dwell upon.

There are a lot of manufactures of light bulbs and there are a lot of types of light bulbs as well Westside Wholesale would like to introduce you to Halco light bulbs. Founded in 1974, Halco Lgith Technology Company is a lamps and ballasts manufacture with its headquarters in Atlanta. The company keeps an eye on quality control of all the goods manufactured and it is deeply concerned about constant product innovations.

Halco light bulbs are specially designed for the use in different kinds of applications – industrial, household, professional lighting fixtures. The types of Halco light bulbs produced are:

  • Carbon Filament
  • compact Fluorescent
  • Cover Shield
  • Linear Fluorescent
  • High Intensity Discharge
  • Halogen
  • Incandescent
  • Miniature/Sealed Beam
  • Photo/Projection
  • LED light bulbs.

Among Halco light bulbs you can find not only conventional reliable lamps which have been remaining on top of sales for many years but also the new energy saving bulbs, bulbs with light emitting diodes technology, environmentally friendly lighting devices.

At the moment Westside Wholesale offers traditional incandescent light bulbs, they are of different power rate (from 5-1000w), with voltage of 12, 15, 120, 125, 130, 135v. An average lifetime varies from 750 to 10.000 hours depending on the type of the bulb. The customer can choose the most appropriate shape and base type of Halco incandescent light bulbs. Available shape: arbitrary, bulge neck reflector, cylindrical, candelabra and Edison base, elliptical reflector, flame, globe candelabra, globe medium, mid-break and parabolic reflector, pear straight neck, straight side, tubular. And base types are screw and sip-on terminals, bayonet BA15d, candelabra E12, E14, intermediate E17, medium E26, medium side-prong, medium skirted E26/skt., mogul E39, mogul prong.

Placing an order at Westside Wholesale you will see with you own eye that the excellent quality of Halco light bulbs is accompanied by a special customer service with different kinds of bonuses and discounts offered for the client.

Buy smart! And get rewarded today with Westside Wholesale inc.

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