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Halo H277
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Halo H277
Halo Recessed Lighting Magentic Transformer, 300VA 277V to 120V
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About Halo Electrical Transformers

The Westside Wholesale offers the superior electrical transformers by Halo, which are not only of the highest quality, but also of the most affordable prices. This kind of transformers is step down as they transform voltages from 277V to 120V. Useful for households and business, these devices are the best solution if the protection from fluctuations in electrical networks is required.

How They Work? The main function of electrical transformers is to switch voltage from one value to some other or additional values. Every transformer consists of 2 sets of coils connected to magnetic field. There are two types of coils, which function as conductors. Through the processes of electromagnetic inductivity in the electrical circuit, it is possible to reach the results and reduce or increase voltage rates significantly.

More Reasons to Use Electrical Transformers.

There are some specific reasons to use electrical transformers in the circuits:

  • The need to convert voltages from the high to lower, or otherwise.
  • The need to protect electrical devices from the fluctuations in the networks.
  • The need to reach the stable work of the devices.
  • The need to reduce electrical energy costs.

Description. The Halo H277 277V to 120V Magnetic Transformer processes line voltage down from 277V to 120V fixture operating voltage. It is not designed for the wide use with box type IC fixtures such as Halo H274IC, due to the specifics of buildings. The item was recently upgraded to 300VA (from 150VA).

Price. The Westside Wholesale offers Halo electrical transformers at the most affordable price, at just 88.25$, which is very affordable for any household, irrespectively of the income. In fact, the option of free 3-day delivery is included in this price, if the whole amount of orders is 99$.

Why Buy Halo Electrical Transformers at the Westside Wholesale?

  • Free 3-day delivery.
  • Ships the same day.
  • Earn rewards on the further purchases like some discounts.
  • Pallet items. If the customer purchases pallet items for over 2000$, they will save extra 5% on them.
  • Items are always in stock.

Halo electrical transformers are always of the best quality, as they are produced according to the highest standards. Being well-designed, these electrical transformers are the well-thought-out items.

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