Hayward Pool Filters

Hayward SPX1408B
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Hayward SPX1408B
Hayward SP1408 Return Face Plate Inlet Cover for Pool Filter - No Thread
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About Hayward Pool Filters

Keep your pool sparkling all summer long with Hayward pool filters. If your pool filter is grimy even after washing or if your pool water is cloudy, then it's time to replace it. Hayward pool filters are made of superior reinforced polyester materials, designed for long life and a high degree of water clarity. Westside Wholesale offers home enhancement products from different companies. Security is the most important -- think about the safety of your close friends and family, or your visitors. With the products that customers purchase in our store, their house will look like a welcoming place for friends and family. By following our advice and taking advantage of these products, no one will obtain injuries near your house. Make all parts of your house convenient buying the deck lights for it.

Nowadays, the selection of deck lights is incredibly wide. A new generation of lights have immerged, offering a wide range of option. All decks and outdoor platforms should use lighting for safety such as task lighting or accent lighting.

Think about it on a design stage. However, it is possible to do that later. One should not neglect deck lighting because it is outside. A person can considerably extend the area of their house with proper deck lighting. In fact, an outdoor area can become a logical continuation of the interior.

Westside Wholesale offers different types of deck lighting from Malibu Lighting. Illumination can be important for decks with stairs or your family members will not be able to move freely in the dark.

8401-9403-01 Landscape Lighting is a low voltage lighting option for your porch or deck. This model is energy efficient. One can save a considerable sum of money using it for several years.

Buy a LED deck lighting kit of 6 lights 8401-2430-06 to enhance your patio or deck. People feel more relaxed when they go out at night and have sufficient light around them so why not make your house convenient in such easy way? This kit is able to cover the basic needs of any person. It is cheap and its LED bulbs deliver white warm light. It is made of plastic with stainless steel finish.

Reasonably priced and modest models 8406-2408-01 and 8608-0408-01 look stylish. They provide sufficient illumination: 2 lumen output with 2 watt lamps. Select the finish to your liking to choose the right model for your deck. There are two options in the store: either oil rubbed bronze or aged brass.

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