Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm

Kidde SL177i
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Kidde SL177i
Kidde Hearing Impaired Strobe Light, 120V Hardwired Interconnectable Dual Mode
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About Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm

Westside Wholesale offers its customers a wide range of fire safety units that can be divided into several categories. The product category described below refers to the Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm systems and their accessories. These goods, proposed by Westside Wholesale, are distinguished by their high reliability, smart solution, perfect quality and competitive price. Once you choose the products delivered by Westside Wholesale you can freely forget about miscellaneous problems that may occur with purchases made by any other on-line sale and delivery service. At Westside Wholesale you are sure to receive the best products, enjoy reasonable prices and high quality as well as comfortable and quick customer service.

What is so amazing about the Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm systems? This is a special solution offered for people with hearing problems. After implementation of such product in your home, office, hotel, recreation zone, etc. you are sure to provide all your relatives, guests and customers with a smart fire safety system that insures safety conditions for hearing impaired people by means of dual mode strobe light.

In the Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm category Westside Wholesale provides its customers with advanced solutions produced by Kidde and BRK brands.

Kidde offers SL177i Dual Mode Strobe Light for the Hearing Impaired is used as an addition to any Kidde alarm system and can support up to 24 Kidde devices in a single circuit. It is appropriate for CO and smoke alarms as well as heat detectors. SL177i system produces bright steady flash warning about dangerous situation. This product goes along with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

BRK suggests SL177 Hardwired, Dual Mode Strobe Light for the Hearing Impaired. It is used as an additional smart solution in Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detection systems. SL177 model possesses such features as smart strobe, 177 candela xenon strobe light and 1Hz flash rate. It can be operated on 120V standard line voltage. It is interconnectable with up to 18 different kinds of alarm devices. SL177 is registered in UL 1971 Standards.

Both types of Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm Units offered by Westside Wholesale are additional systems and cannot be used as a standalone unit.

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