BRK Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm

About BRK Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm

Westside Wholesale offers an irreplaceable addition to each smoke detecting system installed in public places, such as hospitals, schools, restaurants, malls, libraries, offices and shopping centers. A fire detected in time can be stopped from damaging property and, most importantly, from injuring and killing people. This is the main reason heat detectors and smoke alarms are installed today in every commercial and residential building. However, having such devices installed in your home or office is not enough to guarantee the safety of all residents since people with hearing disabilities do not respond to standard alarms and their emergency signals. That is when a BRK Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm becomes a useful addition to any fire safety system.

Such device provides effective and reliable fire alarm for hearing impaired people and makes sure they are notified of any danger or emergency. The dual mode strobe light installed in Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm provides visual notification for people unable to hear the sound of a conventional alarm. Various patterns of bright strobing flash can be selected to maximize the impact on hearing impaired and increase the chances of alarm being seen.

BRK Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm offered at Westside Wholesale is equipped with a green LED indicator that shows the correct operation of the device. The average rate of flashes of BRK alarm is 60 times / minute, which corresponds the UL standards. In addition, BRK Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm can be interconnected with up to 18 smoke alarms, bells, carbon monoxide and heat detectors, sirens and other devices.

By offering BRK Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarm Westside Wholesale provides each customer with the ability to maximize the safety of any building and provide people with different abilities with similar fire notification options. Such devices are the best way to make sure the place is ADA compliant. More than that, Hearing Impaired Smoke Alarms ensure safety for every person in the building.

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