Kidde Heat Detector

Kidde HD135F
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Kidde HD135F
Kidde Heat Detector, 120V Hardwired 135 Degrees w/9V Battery Backup
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About Kidde Heat Detector

When it comes to protecting your home from deadly heat levels, Kidde Heat Detector offered by Westside Wholesale may become the best low-cost option available on the market. Such device alerts homeowners and inhabitants when the heat level exceeds 135 degrees Fahrenheit, thus making it possible to prevent the heat spreading into a dangerous fire. Needless to say that Kidde Heat Detector protects the building and people in it from dangerous fire threats.

Westside Wholesale offers an optimal solution to help protect all types of buildings from excessive temperatures thus preventing property from damage and people from injuries. Kidde Heat Detectors are backed up with a battery and can be interconnected with up to 24 devices, which increases the level of overall fire protection.

Equipped with LED light, Kidde Heat Detectors provide accurate indication of device’s operation 24/7, even when the power supply in the line is diminished. Convenient design and quick installation make the process of maintaining the device and changing its batteries simple and fast. A five-year manufacturer’s warranty is yet another great feature Westside Wholesale is ready to offer to every Kidde Heat Detector buyer.

Heat Detectors become a perfect safety option for places with dusty and smoky environment where conventional smoke detectors are useless. For example, offered at Westside Wholesale items would make a great addition to the fire safety system of any kitchen, utility and furnace rooms where smokes and fumes are part of the usual environment. Detecting dangerous heat in time can prevent it from spreading into a fire and transforming the surroundings into burning ruins. In addition, Kidde Heat Detectors meet the safety requirements of places where fire can bring immediate damage and are preferable to be installed in high ceiling areas and rooms with heavy dust and dirt conditions.

Westside Wholesale makes the process of fireproofing the building easier and simpler by offering affordable and reliable Kidde Heat Detectors.

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