High Power LED Bulbs

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About High Power LED Bulbs

The high power LED bulbs available here at Westside Wholesale are great for retrofit applications. They operate at a fraction of the energy required to run MH (metal halide) and HPS (high pressure sodium) lamps, cutting long term costs and reducing unnecessary energy consumption. These high power LED light bulbs come in many different bulb shapes and bases, as well as wattages, color temperatures, and CRI (color rendering index) ratings.

As high power LED bulb suppliers, we have to anticipate a wide range of customer needs. This is why many of our bulbs provide a quick, direct replacement for comparable MH, HPS, and incandescent lamps. If the bulb base, voltage, intended application, and other attributes match up, then replacing the previous bulbs should be relatively simple.

LED replacements will often not require any work, simple needing to be screwed into the same fixture. However, this will vary depending on the replacement. For instance, a ballast may have to be bypassed or the installation of a surge protector will be recommended.

These type of bulbs are typically used for post top, site, area, roadway, and wall pack functions. These applications require intense lighting to ensure safety and a reliable performance. They often won't have dimmable capabilities, though there are many exceptions.

There are many reasons to switch to LED lighting when it comes to high power applications. The most simple is their low power consumption. For example, some LED wall packs can operate at 35 watts, replacing a 100W metal halide or HPS lamp. Secondly, they last much longer (usually tens of thousands of hours) than other types of bulbs. This reduces the hassles and costs associated with replacing these often out of the way bulbs. LED technology are also easier to dispose of, as they don't have as much mercury in them as certain HID lamps.

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