Hioki Electrical Test Equipment

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About Hioki Electrical Test Equipment

Hioki is a well known world leader in production of high-quality low-cost test fixtures and electrical testing equipment. It’s a world’s first supplier of testing and measuring solutions for rent, sale and release. Being in the market for already 75 years they have a huge respect of its clients to be a reliable and trustful manufacturer of innovative measurement and testing instruments.

We at Westside Wholesales have an aim to make all our clients’ needs met and fulfilled, so we present here a wide range of Hioki electrical measuring and test equipment. The technical characteristic of the Hioki devices allow taking the most accurate measurements possible.

We offer a series of meters for different purposes and different technical characteristic. For example Hioki FMI Battery Tester Meter is highly popular device developed for diagnosing batteries of UPS type. The Meter features auto-memo function, it makes possible to keep in memory up to 48.000 measurement data. It also features USB slot which allows transferring all data onto PC. It’s small in size and comes supplied with carrying case for providing the safety of device.

The other excellent choice we made and ready to offer to our consumer is Hioki Digital HiTester, a special digital multimeter developed for industrial use. The device has a set of appliances for added convenience and can be useful for a variety of applications.

The line of electrical testing equipment we offer by Hioki at Westside Wholesales is really various an includes Hioki Power Quality Analyzer Kit, Hioki Temperature Meter - Waterproof Design, Hioki FMI Digital Clamp On Meter For AC Only, Hioki FMI Micro HiCorder - Two Channel Recording, Hioki FMI Magnetic Field Meter Kit with Sensor, Hioki FMI Laser Light Source Meter, Hioki FMI Earth Meter - Ground Resistance and may other high quality useful devices.

We at Westside Wholesales always aim to make the products we have in store affordable for as many clients as possible, so the prices we offer are reasonable and attractive, some of the Hioki electrical testing and measuring equipment goes with discount, to make it even more accessible for our customer.

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