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Hioki 3280-10
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Hioki 3280-10
Hioki FMI Digital Clamp On Meter For AC Only
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Hioki was founded by Mizo Hioki in 1935 and initially began with manufacturing electrical indicating meters. Eventually, the company moved onto a broad line of innovative electrical test equipment, including clamp-on meters, field measuring instruments, multimeters, power meters, recorders, temperature instruments, and voltage detectors. Hioki has evolved to become a leader in pushing technological advancement when it comes to test equipment, field measurement tools, digital multimeter products, and more.

These products are helpful for professionals in many different industries, from automotive professionals and construction workers to alternative energy engineers and electrical contractors. Hioki electrical measuring instruments can test circuits and communications in cars, ensure proper functionality of alternative energy sources, evaluate the effectiveness of electronic components, among other uses.

Professional electricians rely on Hioki tools ever since the company developed and created the world's first metallic non-contact voltmeter. Hioki clamp meters, multimeters, and other equipment have received awards for innovation, reliability and design year after year. They have many features that are helpful on the job. For instance, Hioki field measuring instruments typically feature a magnetic adapter which enables them to be used on distribution boards and have auto power off for conservation of battery power.

Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Hioki test equipment. We carry a wide range of electrical tools for both basic functions and high precision. This allows our customers to find a Hioki multimeter, field measuring instrument, or other product at their price point. Plus, the Westside Wholesale inventory includes Hioki meters with various amperages, voltages, and applications, as well as accessories and cables to improve the use of your product.

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