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Holmes HM495-UC
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Holmes HM495-UC
Holmes Filter Free Ultrasonic Humidifier for Medium Room
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About Holmes Humidifiers

Westside Wholesale offers humidifiers for the houses of different size. This divides different types of humidifiers accordingly. Person can buy a humidifier for small rooms, middle-sized rooms and the whole houses.

In this way, customer can acquire the following models:

  • For small rooms: Holmes Filter Free Warm Mist Humidifier for Small Room and Holmes Small Room Cool Humidifier. This is an excellent and affordable solution when one needs to provide humidity for small accommodation. It works fast and efficiently. This is an easy way to get rid of stuffy rooms. The models fit the room up to 525 square feet. Homeowner needs to provide just one filling, and the appliance will function for 24 hours. This is an economical way to bring relief to the houses with dry air. The unit does not take much space. Compactness is an advantage of Holmes humidifiers. The dimensions of HM1761-UC model is 14.8 x 10.6 x 11.9 inches.
  • For medium rooms: Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier with LifeLong Permanent Filter for Medium Rooms and Holmes Filter Free Ultrasonic Humidifier for Medium Room. One of the models has no filter while the filter of the other model does not require replacement. Holmes humidifiers are incredibly easy in maintenance. Customers like energy efficiency of these models.
  • For whole houses: Holmes 8 Gallon Portable Humidifier for Whole House. This is a nice affordable variant for the house or apartment with several rooms. Evaluate natural deodorizing with Arm & Hammer baking soda that removes all impurities and absorb bad odors. There are no problems with installation. This household appliance is portable.

Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection enhances the atmosphere in the house and makes the appliance health-oriented.

Holmes humidifiers provide effective humidification for your household. The biggest advantage of all models is their health benefits. One can reduce such unpleasant consequences of dry conditions as the cracks on the lips and dry skin. More serious effects are allergies. Customers can minimize a negative effect of dry air in the room when the humidifiers work to deliver fresh air for the householders.

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