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Home Security Camera Systems Reviews


A home security camera system might not completely prevent burglars from breaking into your home, but it can act as a deterrent for those who are thinking of causing damage to your property. Installing cameras can help beef up your existing security system and should something bad happen, these added safety measures can increase the likelihood that the perpetrator is caught.

Most security cameras today are easy to install and are connected directly into a TV, making it simple to record the video feed using a VCR or DVR. To help you choose the right security camera system for you, read on to learn more about several affordable and effective options.

For tight budgets, the First Alert P-520 Single Wired Color Day/Night Camera is both affordable and efficient. For under $60, this weather-resistant camera offers a built-in microphone, LED night vision and a view range of up to 16 feet. For those with an existing security camera system, this unit is also a great add-on.

If you’re only looking to install a single camera and can afford a higher-end model, the First Alert D-520 Single Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Color Camera offers the same features as the unit above, but also boasts a motion sensor, night view range of up to 40 feet and a wireless range of up to 750 feet. At under $120, this model can be used as a stand-alone camera or added to your existing security system.

Looking to install an entire system of security cameras? For only $180, the First Alert D-575 Single Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Night Vision Camera with Receiver includes the same features of the aforementioned wireless camera, in addition to a remote control and the capability of adding four more cameras to the system. This kit also offers 40 transmission channels to prevent interference from other nearby systems, and the recorded video can be saved onto the included 2GB SD card for easy transfer to your computer.

If you prefer to invest in a system that includes its own LCD display and DVR, the First Alert DWS-472 Digital Wireless Camera Recording System is an excellent option. At $350, this kit includes a 7” color LCD display, a DVR and two color cameras. In addition to offering all the same features as the D575, this weatherproof set also includes the capability to watch four channels at the same time, plus a remote control and 4GB micro SD card.

For even more recording capabilities and features at a higher price range is the First Alert 8800 Wired Security Camera Recording System. For $700, this system includes eight color cameras with LED night vision, the capability tor record up to eight channels, and remote access so you can check up on your home or office while you’re away. In addition, this kit comes with a remote control, USB mouse and an internet-ready DVR.

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