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Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips

We all feel secure in our homes. A home is a sanctuary, where we feel most at ease, but when that security is taken away, whether through a burglary or home invasion, the effects can be devastating. That’s why it’s best to have an effective home security system, to prevent robberies or break-ins before they occur.

1. Lighting - Keeping vulnerable areas of your home well-lit will discourage would-be burglars. Motion sensors and security lighting can be designed to give burglars a jolt, hitting them with a flood of light that will make them think twice about entering your home.

2. Security systems - A home security system can help provide peace of mind while also deterring home invaders. Effective home security systems incorporate wireless alarm systems, motion detectors, door and window alarm contacts, and sirens. A good home security system can deter a burglar or reduce the amount of time one stays in your home. Also, don’t be shy about your home security. Advertise your home security system in the both the front and back of your home to discourage would-be thieves from entering.

3. Change the locks - This is especially important for new homeowners. If you’ve recently purchased a home, you may not know who has a copy of the keys. To prevent burglaries, it’s recommended to change the locks or passcodes. This is also good advice if you lose your keys.

4. Security cameras - Security cameras are another excellent deterrent. Most burglars will pass on a home that has security cameras or placards that advertise that level of security. Contrary to the movies, most burglars don’t wear masks, so the last thing they want is to be caught on camera.

5. Don’t let your newspapers pile up - When you go on vacation, don’t let newspapers or mail pile up, because it screams “Please rob us - no one is home.” Contact your newspaper delivery service to delay delivery until you get back or ask a trusted neighbor to collect your papers and mail.