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Westside Wholesale offers the following Honeywell products to provide the humidifiers of this brand with necessary components for flawless work: Honeywell evaporative wicking filter for console humidifiers, Honeywell replacement filter A for natural cool mist humidifiers, Honeywell ProTec universal humidifier cartridge, Honeywell ProTec replacement filter for natural cool mist humidifiers.

Every filter has a certain service period. The homeowner should change the filter when this period is over. However, the manufacturer recommends replacing the filter prior to the expire date as soon as it gets dirty. For instance, it is necessary to replace Honeywell humidifier filter in Honeywell QuietCare 11 Gallon Console Humidifier every two months.

WestsideWholesale offers a range of diverse filters at affordable prices for HCM-1000, HCM-2000, HCM-500 and HCM-600 Series.

Filter eliminates minerals, harmful substances and purifies the filter. This feature can be especially essential for allergic who suffer from dust mite. Customers, who do not bear pollen, feel good with quality humidifier filter. It captures all impurities in the appliance. All these measures help to get rid of fungus, mold and bacteria using ProTec AntiMicrobial Treatment. Manufacturer reinforced the material of filter with this technology. It extends the filter’s life. Ecosafe Biogradable filter establishes new standards for contemporary products.

Experts developed the filter to suit the customers’ needs. The maintenance is easy thanks to Dry Lift Handle. Even dirty job of filter replacement will not soil your hands. All dirt remains in the Air Washing prefilter. This is a some kind of trap for all impurities.

Honeywell ProTec universal humidifier cartridge presents a new patented technology Aquastat. It prevents odor that brings to the formation of mold in the cartridge. As a result, the humidifier is free from mineral deposits. ProTec cleaning cartridge uses the same principle as food and drinking water industry where fight with bacteria is especially important for health of customers.

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