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Honeywell DC-102
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Honeywell DC-102
Honeywell Demineralization Cartridge for Ultrasonic Humidifiers - 2-Pack
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About Honeywell Humidifier Parts

Westside Wholesale offers Honeywell Humidifier parts to complement Honeywell appliances. Buy Honeywell Demineralization Cartridge for Ultrasonic Humidifiers at an affordable price at Westside Wholesale.

Demineralization cartridge eliminates the minerals from water. Lack of this procedure can bring to the formation of the white dust, which is an airborne residue. It appears when the water is hard. It can become a real problem for the person. Indoor air should be free from this substance because the dust residue can get to the lungs of the person. It is hazardous for health and can bring to negative consequences. Humidifier lung is a condition that develops as a result of that. Experts advise changing the demineralization cartridge every two or three months. It will thwart the formation of such minerals and help to remain healthy. The symptoms of this condition include the following ones: high temperature, shortage of breath, chills, aches all over the body, lung inflammation, coughing, tiredness.

Some models of humidifiers start illuminating with green light reminding the owner of the necessity to replace the demineralization cartridge. Think about using the distilled water for humidification of air to avoid unpleasant consequences. This kind of water does not include so much mineral content. For this reason, the risk of white dust formation is not that big. Buy Honeywell demineralization cartridge for ultrasonic humidifiers DC-102 to solve this problem in your house. This product can function with Honeywell ultrasonic humidifiers of the following models: HUT-102, HUT-102M.

One can remove minerals from water with Humidifier Mineral Pads. They can serve the customers for about 15-30 days. The duration depends upon the water. The harder it is the faster the service period is over.

Honeywell humidifier mineral absorption pads suit the following models of humidifiers: HWM-330, HWM-331, HWM-335, HWM-450. The mineral absorption pads decrease mineral buildup. Using them the maintenance of humidifiers becomes less complicated. These humidifier parts enhance the performance of the unit and make it work properly. The task of every customer is to maintain the efficiency level of the humidifier. WestsideWholesale can help in that.

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