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Honeywell 50250
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Honeywell 50250
Honeywell Air Purifier with Long-Life True HEPA Filter
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Honeywell HC-14
$16.99 /each
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Honeywell HC-14
Honeywell Evaporative Wicking Filter for Console Humidifiers
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Honeywell products are designed to create the most comfortable environment possible. Honeywell's systems and portable machines also provide some of the safest and energy efficient options on the market. With air purifiers to control air quality, humidifiers to combat dryness and space heaters for portable temperature control, Honeywell is the name to trust for quality and value.

Westside Wholesale is proud to carry such a diverse range of Honeywell air purifiers, heaters, and humidifiers. We also maintain a selection of Honeywell filters for these air purifiers and humidifiers to keep your products running at peak efficiency. Filters will be compatible with specific models of air purifiers and will offer different MERV ratings, which tells the level of efficiency and filtration of the product. Keep in mind that the filter may have to be replaced every 6 months to a year, depending on the model.

In addition to these products, Honeywell has crafted innovative thermostats that help regulate and control whole home systems. These state-of-the-art thermostats feature simple interfaces and fast installations. Some models are programmable for timed settings, whereas others are elegant, straightforward non-programmable models. Many Honeywell thermostats will also have Wi-Fi connectability for remote control on any device connected to the internet.

When shopping for your Honeywell thermostat, consider the heating and cooling system that you want to control. Different thermostats are compatible with HVAC systems that have single or multiple stages and may operate at a certain voltage. Here at Westside Wholesale, we allow our customers to sort our Honeywell thermostats by these features to help you find the right item for your unique home layout.

If you would like to place an order for a Honeywell filter, thermostat, air purifier, humidifier, or other product or accessory, don't hesitate to contact a Westside Wholesale customer service representative. We can also help you figure out if it is the right item for your home's space or heating and cooling system. See why Honeywell is trusted by more than 100 million homes worldwide for comfort and innovation.

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