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How Steam Showers are Good for Your Health

Though some might consider today’s home steam showers as quite the investment, the concept of relaxing in hot baths and enjoying the health benefits that come with them is not a new invention. The ancient Greeks and Romans used public baths as gathering places and to treat ailments, and saunas (similar to steam baths, but they use dry heat instead) have also been used as part of traditions and for health reason by cultures around the world, from ancient Scandinavians to Native Americans.

If you’re looking to give your home a luxurious spa upgrade, consider installing a steam shower in your bathroom. Usually priced from $2,000 to under $5,000, these deluxe showers have more to offer than a relaxing experience. Read on to learn more about the health benefits of steam showers.

Better circulation – Steam showers boost your body’s circulation naturally, which helps fight high blood pressure, exhaustion and fatigue when your heart pumps more blood and encourages more oxygen to enter cells.

Stress Relief – As your blood circulation increases, your muscles also relax. Not only does the warm air of steam showers relieve your body, but it also helps relax your mind as endorphins are released in your brain.

Metabolism Boosting – When paired with a healthy diet and exercise, taking steam showers regularly can also help your weight loss efforts. Increased blood flow and circulation stimulates the lymphatic system, which can help boost your metabolism.

Relief from Respiratory Infections – The hot, moist air created by steam showers relieves inflammation in the nasal cavity and lungs. As a result, steam showers are ideal for those who suffer from severe allergies, laryngitis and sinus infections.

Clear, Healthy Skin – Studies have found that people who take steam showers regularly—about twice a week—enjoy clearer skin without pimples, blackheads and other blemishes caused by clogged pores. The warm, wet air causes us to perspire, making it easier to wash away bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells that are pushed to our skin’s outer surface.

Convinced that a steam shower is right for you? We offer a variety of steam showers from leading brands like Ariel and Dream Line. Check out our range of stylish, relaxing steam showers today and give yourself the five-star treatment in your very own home.

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