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How to Buy a Bathroom Fan


Buying a bathroom fan can be a daunting task. It is a necessary home appliance, but how to differentiate a good one from a bad? It’s not as easy as, say, a light bulb, which you can compare watts or life expectancy, specifications that are familiar. So, what to look for in a quality bathroom fan?

1. Durability - A top quality bathroom fan such as Panasonic should last at least 10-15 years. Most manufacturers have a 1-year limited warranty for their exhaust fans.

2. Quiet vs. Traditional - Most consumers, when shopping for an exhaust fan, want to make sure the sones are very low. A sone is a unit of “perceived loudness,” measuring how loud a sound is in terms of comfortable hearing level for an average listener. A high quality bathroom exhaust fan should be quiet, and the lower the sone, the better. We offer a wide variety of standard, quiet and super-quiet bathroom fans, so take a look to see which kind fits your style.

a. Sone of 1 or less = Extra quiet bath fan
b. Sone of 2 or less = Quiet bath fan
c. Sone of 3 to 4 = Average
d. Sone of 4 = economy

3. Decor - Don’t just buy the first bathroom fan you see. A quality bathroom fan should match your home’s decor. Bathroom fans come with a variety of lights and grilles so make sure your bath fan complements your bathroom’s style and design.

4. Size Matters - A bath fan’s CFM should match your bathroom’s size. That means, if you have a larger bathroom, then you need a bath fan with a higher CFM. The higher the CFM (cubic feet per minute), the quicker it can remove humidity. A good rule of thumb is that for bathrooms larger than 50 square feet, use a bath fan with a CFM of 50 or more. For bathrooms under 50 square feet, a CFM of 50 will be more than adequate.

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