How to Choose a Steam Shower

Deciding to purchase a steam shower can be easy. Having a steam shower in the home is like having a personal spa. It’s harder to sit down and determine which steam shower unit is the right one for you when there are so many options out there. This article aims to help you navigate the world of steam showers as you pick the unit that will help you create the perfect bathroom for you.

Choosing the right steam shower depends upon your individual wants and needs. The following categories go over the specifications you will be looking over as you learn more about steam showers.

Ariel DZ972F8

Ariel Platinum DZ972F8 Steam Shower



First and foremost, you need to purchase a unit of the right dimensions. Before looking at showers, we recommend measuring your bathroom, so you only browse the showers which will fit your space. While measuring and browsing showers, also consider how the door of the shower enclosure will open and if it will hit your sink or toilet, etc.

You may be interested in a steam shower unit that is retrofit for standard bathtub size to make installation simple and easy.

One to Two People

Ask yourself, will I be the only one using this steam shower, or will I be interested in a two person unit? These units are larger and come with seating for two people. You may decide a two person unit would be a luxury you and your partner can enjoy together. Or, you may decide a two person unit is too big for your space. It’s all up to you.

Safety Compliance

Next, make sure the steam shower is UL listed or ETL listed for compliance with electrical and gas safety in North America.


Seating will be for one or two people. The seating in a steam shower unit will either be fold out seats or removable wood stools. Whichever you choose may be a matter of personal preference.


The steam shower you choose should match the décor of your bathroom or fit the bathroom remodel you are undertaking. Steam shower units are constructed of tempered glass, which is ether clear or tinted blue. The alloy frame construction is a silver color and the panels within the showers come in black, brown or silver. White steam showers are usually constructed of Lucite acrylic.

The design of the steam shower you purchase should match your personal tastes and should fit into the overall design of your bathroom. There are more traditional steam showers and more modern, or futuristic, steam showers to fit different tastes.


There are different types of steam showers you may consider getting, whether it be a corner steam shower, a standalone steam shower or a whirlpool bathtub and steam shower combination. Other steam showers have three sides that are installed inside of a wall. The front of the steam shower is flush with the wall in the bathroom (see the image above). Also decide if you want a rectangular or circular shower enclosure.

Steam Generators

A steam generator heats water and creates steam; the steam travels through a pipe and into the shower enclosure. Steam generators with more wattage produce more steam at a faster rate. When building a custom steam shower, you will have to consider how much steam you need produced, and you will determine wattage from shower size. However, when buying a pre-built unit, the steam shower already includes the generator.


This will be defined by your personal budget for the project. When it comes down to it, you need to choose the best shower for your needs that is within your price range.

Special Features

You may also be swayed between models by the special features that are the most important to you. These are known as the “bells and whistles” of the steam shower. These may include the following:

-LED Ceiling Light


-Storage Shelves

-FM Radio

-Aromatherapy System,

-Chromatherapy Lighting

-Massage Body Jets

-Foot Massagers

-Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head

The good news is that, when buying a steam shower unit, you don’t have to figure out all of the little details that goes into building a custom steam shower, like buying the right steam generator for your shower enclosure/space and choosing out each accessory separately. Pre-built units are easy to install and require no remote installation of the steam generator.

Good luck, and we hope you find the perfect steam shower for your dream bathroom.

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