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Small Space? How to Decorate without Cramping your Style

Looking to decorate or remodel a small space in your home? Take these tricks into consideration to make your space appear larger than it is.

  • Walls and doors aren't the only ways to define rooms. Architectural details (large door-frames, columns) can be natural room dividers that don't interfere with the flow of a space.
  • No traditional home office? No problem. Transform a bedroom corner into a work-at-home space with smart decorating strategies. Set up a desk in front of a window and complement the soothing palette by hanging sheers and long, floor-length floral curtains, which will add texture and height to the room. The built-in bookshelf is a natural storage space.
  • Formality meets functionality in this unique living room, which is tight on square inches. Hanging an ornate mirror above the fireplace is a wise decorative decision and also opens up the room making it feel larger. A TV mounted in the corner is subtle and smart (Hello, family movie nights by the fire!)
  • Choosing natural materials makes a home feel cozy and spacious at the same time. Stick to the same finish for a truly cohesive look. Pulling in antique cabinets and cupboards will add extra storage (and a touch of rustic warmth) to a room.
  • It's possible to define a space without a wall or room divider. Designate a true dining space by placing a large area rug under the table or by tiling a specific section of the floor. A monochromatic palette (black and white) will keep the design open and the space from feeling overcrowded.
  • Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are works of art for small space dwellers. They can double as storage units (for books and magazines) and display pieces (for photos and decorative accents). To add visual interest, consider a more modern design that plays with different sized shelves.
  • A glass room divider is a great choice for separating a space and making sure both areas receive adequate natural light.
  • Smart organizers come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns, too. Cover bulletin boards with fabric to create attractive artwork that doubles as a spot for holding reminders, notes, and more.

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