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How to Pick a Chandelier

From beautiful bronze chandeliers to stunning chrome chandeliers, there is no better way to make a powerful and elegant impact on any room. To find the perfect fit for your home, keep the following considerations in mind.


A chandelier that is too large can quickly overwhelm a room. If the room is 10’ by 10’ or smaller, choose a chandelier that is around 20” in diameter. For rooms that are a little bit larger, choose a chandelier that is 24”-36” in diameter. Generally speaking, the chandelier should hang no more than 30” from the top of your table, and it should be no more than 2 feet from your ceiling.


With chandeliers being such statement pieces, it’s important that yours makes the right statement. If your existing décor leans on the contemporary or modern side, a satin nickel finish chandelier will complement your home quite nicely. If your style is more traditional, try a bronze chandelier to accentuate your furnishings.


Chandeliers come in a variety of colors and styles, but be sure to not only match the general look, but also the color scheme of your home. Is your existing décor cool or warm toned? Are you trying to create a romantic setting or a casual feel? It’s helpful to make your own color swatch to compare and contrast the different variations to determine which chandelier finish is right for you.

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