Vornado EVAP3 (HU1-0034-06)
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Vornado EVAP3 (HU1-0034-06)
Vornado Humidifier, Whole Room Humidification - 700 Sq. Ft. (Open Box Item)
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About Humidifiers

Shop the latest in humidifiers from the leaders in humidification. Choose a whole house or a portable humidifier.

Humidity is defined as the percentage of water vapor in the air. According to experts, the ideal humidity should be between 30 to 50 %. When the humidity levels in your home are at an optimal level you obtain an environment that is ideal for respiratory health.

There are several humidifier benefits. Optimal humidity levels offer protection for parts of your home that can be damaged by dry weather paint, weather stripping, molding, etc. Your electronics such as TV and computer. For the winter which is typically the driest part of the year, the humidity can drop less than 10%. Having a humidifier also benefits the skin and can cure issues with itchiness and skin issues such eczema.

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