HVAC Dampers

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How to Select

About HVAC Dampers

Installing HVAC Dampers in a ventilation system gives you more control over the air flow and its amount passing through the duck work. That way a certain flow level can be set to make sure the system works properly and each element receives the amount of air it needs. Westside Wholesale offers wide selection of HVAC Dampers that will become a perfect match for any residential and commercial system.

Items for sale include standard backdraft, manual iris, spring loaded and vertical discharge double-leaf dampers of the following diameters: 4”, 6”, 7”, 8” and 10”. Such diverse collection of dampers is offered to help every customer find the option he needs.

HVAC Dampers are irreplaceable when a constant temperature control of ductwork systems is required. Installing such devices in your ventilation or other types of systems provides full control over the ducting elements. Each model offered by Westside Wholesale is easy to calibrate and setup, and has a design that simplifies its mounting.

You can set a dumper based on your needs allowing air to flow according to the regulated level. This feature becomes really important when mixed air flows into multiple areas of the system. Since some of the rooms and applications may require the air of a certain temperature and others may not need that air at all, HVAC Dampers become a useful tool that helps properly control the air flow and create comfortable environment in every area of the house. This, along with easy installation and compatibility with standard rigid or flexible ducting, makes HVAC Dampers a must have in any ventilation system. Each damper presented at Westside Wholesale is made from galvanized steel while collars are manufactured from lightweight aluminum, making them compatible for low pressure duct work.

The process of selecting HVAC Dampers from Westside Wholesale requires minimum effort and time. Since you don’t need to leave your house to purchase the items you need, the time and money you save can be spent on your family.

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