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Just imagine that you do not need to boil water any more to make coffee, tea or pasta, thaw frozen food, remove labels, warm plates or baby bottles. InSinkErator hot water dispenser instantly provides hot 200F water flow when needed.

InSinkErator is the largest manufacturer of food waste disposers and instant hot water dispensers. It is the only company that did a large amount of work to develop innovations and advanced technologies for this industry. In the last decade InSinkErator published a great number of patents and invested a lot in R&D and environmental Life Cycle Analysis. Partners all over the world help this company to find the best solutions.

An instant hot water dispenser is a product that one may have never thought of, but once bought it is impossible to imagine life without it. InSinkErator created this product and is still the best manufacturer. It is more than just a faucet. At any time of day or night hot water is there for the client to use. No more waiting, no more waste of time. Whether a coffee should be made quickly in the morning or plates should be warmed for dear guests, this appliance is there to help. There is such a great variety of these faucets that everyone can find a model which suits the kitchen. Polished nickel, satin, chrome, bronze, gloss and even matte black finishes are available. The dispenser in placed on the sink while the tank is installed underneath it. The capacity is 60-cup and is made of stainless steel. When the water is used, the tank automatically refills again. So the hot water is never over. In addition to this, many models provide cool drinking water as well. Two in one can satisfy any needs. Throw away the kettle; it is not needed any more.

There are three main trade marks by InSinkErator. They are Indulge, Involve and Invite. Indulge Modern suits high-tech kitchens, Antique models are created for those who prefer some antique design. Tuscan and Contemporary faucets have more or less classical look. Involve series embody the mix of traditional and modern. Invite dispensers are different and look more like an ordinary faucet.

Westside Wholesale offers them all at wholesale prices. Hot and cool water dispenser is a next generation which saves time, money and space in the kitchen. Be aware, this appliance becomes addictive!

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