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Interfab is a one-stop resource for all of your backyard swimming pool needs. This includes a full line of pool fixtures, including slides, diving boards, handrails, waterfalls, and much more. They've also designed a stunning collection of pool landscape design accessories, including planters and artificial rocks. Westside Wholesale is an authorized retailer of Interfab water features, diving boards, and pool slides. We know this brand is a leader in the industry and their pool products are sturdily designed to hold up to many years of use.

First of all, Interfab diving boards come in a wide-range of durably constructed styles. We offer Interfab boards in many lengths to accommodate both personal and professional use. Plus, Westside Wholesale offers these diving boards in many colors, as well as boards that are appropriate for commercial applications. We also have replacement Interfab stands and boards to help you get many years of use out of your boards.

Interfab's pool slides are durable and attractive additions to any backyard swimming pool. Our inventory includes several different heights and colors to match your residential pool. The company has also designed many Interfab slides with elegant rock and modern styles. Your Interfab pool slide can also come in a right, left, or 360° turn layout to fit your pool's unique arrangement.

Finally, Westside Wholesale sells a wide selection of Interfab waterfalls and water feature accessories. These include landscape rocks and waterfalls in many different shades and designs. Many of these Interfab waterfalls blend seamlessly with their slides and diving boards, helping provide a uniform, gorgeous look across the pool.

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