Intermatic Electrical Boxes

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About Intermatic Electrical Boxes

Intermatic is nowadays an estimated global leader in energy management solutions all over the world. Since the 19 century the brand has been focused on developing and further manufacturing of high quality products. Today the brand has a world-known name with a chain of clients all over the world and manufactures a really broad range of energy control production including photo controls, timers, switchers, lighting control systems and security alarms.

We at Westside Wholesale always try to choose only the best options for our client that is why we have in store the Intermatic electrical boxes line.

Electrical boxes are specially designed containers that hold all the electrical junctions with the purpose of concealing them from sight and tampering.

We offer a wide range of Intermatic electrical boxes of different shapes and sizes to meet all the necessities of our clients. As the electric box is usually exposed to water or any other harsh weather conditions, all the models we offer are waterproof electrical boxes.

Depending on the area of possible use some of the models are made from waterproof plastic while others are manufactured from heavy duty cast metal providing protection from commercial, industrial and also residential electrical receptacles.

For letting our clients make the best choice considering their personal needs and preferences we provided each model of the electric boxes we have at Westside Wholesale with detailed explicit description, which carries all the necessary information about the item such as type and the main measurements(height, depth, width, length).

We also offer here Intermatic weatherproof receptacle covers, which are supplied with gasket, mounting screws, cover assembly, base and 2 inserts. The plastic cover of the item is made of clear polycarbonate providing long life in abuse outdoor installations.

All the electric boxes we have by Intrmatic are mainly white to suit any location and to make sleek and harmonious assemble with the surroundings.

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