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Intermatic PX600
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Intermatic PX600
Intermatic Pool Control, 600W Pool/Spa Safety Transformer - Galvanized Steel Construction
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About Intermatic Electrical Transformers

The Westside Wholesale offers Intermatic electrical transformers of the highest quality and the most affordable prices. They are especially good for the outdoor use like gardens, pools, spas, fountains, etc. With the covers manufactured of the stainless steel, these electrical transformers are the best solutions for outdoor use as they are 100% weather resistant products. They are less likely to be destructed or corroded by moisture, heat, rain, or sun as they are the most durable and reliable items in this product line.

Intermatic electrical transformers are of the step-down character as they can transform voltage from 120V at the input into 12V/13V/14V at the output. The less rates the more use is for the household owners as such voltages rates is the better solution for the outdoor use (for gardens, pools or fountains not much light is needed).

As any standard voltage transformer, these items in the product line transfer energy between electrical circuits through inductivity process in the coupled conductors. Electrical transformer is not a power supply source, but just a power converter that in this case enables some step down processes in an electrical circuit.

Designed and Created For:

  • Pool Lights;
  • Garden Lights;
  • Spa Lights;
  • Outdoor Lighting;
  • Fountain Lights;
  • Applications.


  • Input: 120 V; 3 Amp; 1 Amp; 120V 60 Hz, 3 Amp. Max.;
  • Output: 12, 13 or 14 V, 12 or 13V.;
  • Materials: Beige Steel Case: 7-1/4" (19.4 cm) high x 5-1/4" (13.3 cm) wide x4-1/2" (11.4 cm) deep;
  • Enclosure: Stainless steel;
  • Knockouts Total of eight 1/2"-3/4" combination. (4) bottom, (1) left side, (2) right side, (1) back; two combination 1/2"-3/4", and 4 combination 3/4"-1" knockouts on the bottom. 6 combination 1/2"-3/4 knockouts, (1) left side, (2) right side, (2) back;
  • Wattage: 300 Watts;
  • Agency Approval: CSA/C-US.


  • Safe and easy to install;
  • Designed to work in harsh environments (heat, high humidity, chemical pollution);
  • Convenience in use;
  • Safety shield between secondary and primary windings;
  • Vacuum impregnating to resist moisture;
  • Cooler, quieter, and more efficient operation;
  • The devices are safeguarded by integral automatic-reset protectors.

Intermatic electrical transformers are the best choice!

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