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Intermatic 107TN221 / 107TN222
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Intermatic 107TN221 / 107TN222
Intermatic Timer Switch Tripper Sets - Red (OFF) & Green (ON)
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The founding of Intermatic timers goes back to 1891 and has produced top-of-the-line electric timer switch components. Intermatic provides outdoor and indoor timers, pool and spa controls, photocells, occupancy and vacancy sensors, surge protection, and much more. Westside Wholesale is proud to be an authorized retailer of Intermatic timers, motion sensors, and other electrical products.

With the advent of energy-efficiency concerns, Intermatic has created new products with advanced controls to ensure low energy use and a reduced environmental impact. From classics like Intermatic dial time switches to newer timers that effectively control security lighting, pool pumps, and many other electrical systems, Intermatic provides a range of products for all kinds of industrial, commercial, and residential uses.

Similarly, Intermatic has always kept up with all of the latest technologies involving occupancy, motion, and vacancy sensors. Intermatic motion sensors are easy to install for contractors, as many don't require a neutral wire and they meet the most common regulatory standards. These most commonly feature one of two installation options of in-wall or ceiling mounted. This allows for a customized installation in whatever space needed, providing both convenience and significant energy savings in a home or office space.

Intermatic pays the same attention to all of their electrical products, including transformers and electrical boxes, as they do their state-of-the-art timers and sensors. They employ some of the best manufacturers and experts in the field, helping create reliable and affordable solutions for almost any electrical application you can think of. If you have any questions about Intermatic switches, timers, or other products, contact Westside Wholesale today.