Jet Pumps

How to Select

About Jet Pumps

Westside Wholesale is happy to present a line of jet pumps of refined quality. This equipment is popular for long-term service, durability and efficiency. Not only that, Westside Wholesale offers advantageous lowest prices and beneficial deliver conditions: free shipping to 48 continuous states on the vast territory of the USA.

These devices are certain to help you getting water from the well without excessive movements. Just figure out the depth-to-water in the water hole and choose the appropriate model. When choosing an item, pay a special attention to HP or Horse Power. Take 0.5 HP pumps if you have a small house and 1 HP if the house is huge enough, for a multiple family or company. There are two types of jet pumps according to the depth-to-water index. Shallow items pull water from about 25", convertible (deep) pumps take it out from up to 80-100", depending on the model.

All these facts must be taken into consideration to buy the equipment you really need.

Jet pumps are produced by many companies but Westside Wholesales has chosen the most reliable manufacturer, Flotec. This organization provides consumers with easy-to-install devices of tough durability, remarkable performance and corrosion resistance. Flotec presents jet pumps with 0.5, 0.75 and 1 HP level. Voltage available is 115 and 230 volts. Some models are able to run on dual voltage (FP 4155, FP 4112 and others). These useful items being made of stainless steel, cast iron and thermoplastic as well, every customer is sure to purchase the model meeting all the specific requirements.

Buy a jet pump of a necessary model and enjoy running water for the household cares. Besides, you will enjoy spending less cash to the electric bills because Flotec products are rather energy saving. Westside Wholesale offers advantageous equipment for discounted lowest prices. Relish the opportunity to get excellent devices by Flotec and provide the house with constant water supply.

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