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About Kichler Light Bulbs

Kichler is a famous US firm, providing clients with outdoor and indoor lamps, home accessories and various light fixtures. The corporation has been working since 1938 offering goods of an excellent quality and admirable service. The original style and unique design is certain to impress consumers.

Types of Kichler Light Bulbs

The succeeding types of light bulbs by Kichler are presented:

  • Compact Fluorescent: Cost-effective, reducing the energy usage up to 70%. These bulbs are easy to operate with. They also save customers’ cash. The most appropriate locations for compact fluorescents are dining and living rooms, kitchens. It is also recommended to apply the item in the porches. The durability is about 10,000 hours. Unfortunately, they are not dimmable. The color is white or frosted. GU10 and GU24 bases are presented.
  • Halogen: Burning intensely without any harm. Small economical items give a white light providing fine color rendering. Try to avoid touching the glass with bare fingers. Halogen bulbs are assigned for indoor spaces. Clients may buy clear or frosted lamps. Pay attention to the special feature (usage with dimmers). There are next types of bulb bases: G9, GU10, GU24, Bi-Pin, Bayonet and Mini-Can.
  • Krypton: Providing a larger lumen output at a smaller wattage. The average long life is 3000 hours. The customers may apply these bulbs to standard dimmers. The combination of krypton and xenon used in lamps extends the durability in comparison with simple halogen lamps. It is rather easy to hold a bulb because of colder walls but having the same temperature of color. The process of glass blackening is reduced and a high lumen output is maintained. Use krypton bulbs for indoor devices. Clear and frosted variants are offered. There are Candelabra and T3 types of the base.
  • Xenon: Approbated by UL and CSA. The average duration time is 10,000 or 19,000 hours. These bulbs suit outdoor fixtures perfectly. A subtle glow adds some unforgettable spirit to customers’ night landscapes. Clear glass is presented. The bases are Bin-Pin and Wedge.

Kichler lighting devices impress with a high-rate quality and energy-saving ability. It is rather simple to create luxurious atmosphere inside the house with the help of Kichler products. Different design solutions are offered for expressing individuality. Enjoy Kichler light bulbs, lighten a dark home space.

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