Kichler Wall Lighting

Kichler 45281AP
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Kichler 45281AP
Kichler Transitional Wall Sconce 1 Light Fixture - Antique Pewter (Open Box Item)
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About Kichler Wall Lighting

Westside Wholesales offers a great choice of wall lighting by a very famous brand Kichler, which history is going back to 1938, when this company was founded and headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. Since that time, this company is a well-known manufacturer of various types of lighting. Good reputation is not the only quality of Kichler, but also their readiness to create the goods of the best quality.

Wall lighting is the essential element in the interior of every home, as it creates a special atmosphere in every living-room, kitchen, or bedroom. Wherever these lightings are placed, they are always looking perfect, due to their contemporary designs and good textures.

The Advantages of Kichler Wall Lighting

The advantages of the Westside Wholesales offers are great. We offer Kichler wall lighting, which are:

  • Designed for various interiors. In the latest product line, there are different variations for the whole house.
  • Available in various color solutions. Some items are colored in contrastive colors, like light pink and dark brown, or black and beige, white and silver.
  • Available in different shapes. Wall-lightings of Kichler are of very useful shapes. These are the spheres with standings in quadrates and rectangles.
  • Designed for different lifestyles, such as contemporary, casual, classic, formal, traditional, etc.
  • Made of eco-friendly materials.
  • Good color solutions, such as old bronze, brushed nickel, terrene bronze, chrome, tannery bronze, polished nickel, brushed nickel, mission bronze.

The majority of items are presented in 1-light fixture solution, which is very comfortable for a bedroom or living room. It is also possible to place several wall lightings, offered by Westside Wholesales, in a room, so that to reach more effective lighting. Good fluorescent lamps are fully compatible with the interiors of the rooms, designed in various styles. For instance, a good European wall sconce with 1-light fixture, designed in terrene bronze, (the item Kichler 45131TRZ) will be the best choice for those who cherish not only a comfort in a living room, but also perfect forms and color solutions. On the other side, the model Kichler 42091PN will be the best solution for a room, designed in a contemporary style. The widest choice is offered by the Westside Wholesales.

Some items are even shipped for free! Westside Wholesales will take care of the details!

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