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Kitchen Range Hood Cleaning Tips

Clean or Replace Your Range Hood Filter Regularly

Depending on the type of range hood, most have either a charcoal filter or a washable stainless steel or aluminum filter. Most ducted/vented range hoods use washable filters, which should be cleaned every month.

If you have a nonducted/ventless range hood that uses a charcoal filter, you can replace the component altogether every three to six months. When replacing the filter, be sure to clean and dry the mesh filter container thoroughly. In addition, you can also buy a charcoal filter with an indicator light that notifies you when it’s replacement time.

1. Establish a Regular Cleaning Schedule

It's a good idea to wipe down the interior and exterior areas of your kitchen range hood every couple of months to avoid grease, oil and food particle buildup. Many range hoods also offer a convenient cleaning reminder.

2. Use Water and Dish Soap as a Budget-Friendly Cleaner

When cleaning your range hood, you can use a mixture of water and dish soap to remove grease and oil. In addition to wiping down the range hood’s exterior, be sure to clean the fan and lights, too. And to avoid damaging any electrical components, spray the cleaner onto a cloth or sponge instead of directly into the appliance.

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