Cavaliere Kitchen Range Hoods

Cavaliere AP238-PS37-30
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Cavaliere AP238-PS37-30
Cavaliere 30" Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Mount Range Hood
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About Cavaliere Kitchen Range Hoods

Westside Wholesale offers a variety of Cavaliere kitchen range hoods designed and manufactured for stylish kitchens and commercial buildings. These devices exhaust kitchen fumes, smoke, odors, steam, heat, and combustion particles and then recirculate clean air in.

Range hoods are usually placed over the cooking surface or the stove to maximize effectiveness. Cavaliere kitchen range hoods come in ducted (vented) and ductless (recirculating) models. Ducted systems take airborne contaminants to an outside source, whereas ductless models use advanced filtration technology to clean the air.

The majority of Cavaliere range hoods are equipped with built-in lighting to illuminate the kitchen space. Fans and lights feature a variety of mounting options and come in various widths and duct sizes. These range hoods add a bold statement to the interior of the kitchen as they are sophisticated and sleek.

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