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When you're looking for something special, safe and original for your little kids you want to have the best. This is what Westside Wholesale is ready to give you and your younger’s. Bobrick's Koala Kare Company is well-known for their high-quality commercial baby protection seats, changing stations which are both sturdy and easy to use.

Koala Kare Products is the world's most recognized brand offering baby care items. These unique products selected from wide range for you are the perfect way to make your bathroom family-friendly. Remember that kids are the strictest judges for this. Except all this privately held company is headquartered in Centennial, CO and a Division of Bobrick Washroom Equipment, Inc. Constructed with 16% recycled materials all of the units contributes to LEED certified building requirements. This is he proof of eco-friendly and ergonomically standards for health. 25 years of Koala's familiar "Parent and Child" brandmark providing safe and innovative childcare products – that is fact we trust in.

Choose horizontal mounting surface Koala Kare (by Bobrick)KB200-00 or vertical mounting one for larger spaces Koala Kare (by Bobrick)KB101-00. These units come constructed with durable and light polypropylene and a unibody steel chassis. Ensure that your baby is in safety position by checking this changing station supports 200 lbs with minimal deflection. A greater resistance to wear with steel chassis and improved durability of gas spring mechanism ensures smooth open and close of the unit. The color palette makes compliment to every type of interior. The lock cavity minimizes operator refills and discourages potential vandalism.

Pretty oval Koala Kare (by Bobrick)KB108-00 made with high density polyethylene will both compliment your restroom decor and provides child protection against injuries and falls. The station is ASTM compliant and meets ADA requirements. Mount it easy-way with all the instructions and have reducing odor causing bacteria for your baby.

For countertop mounting we have Koala Kare (by Bobrick)KB112-01CT amazing designed and ergonomic. Made with durable polyethylene it contours unit offers a safe and durable changing surface. With dimensions of 36 ½” W x 22 ?” L (927 mm x 575 mm) and Depth: 3¼” it comes to be a perfect solution when wall space is unavailable. Check for more in our catalogue.

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