Landscape Light Accessories

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About Landscape Light Accessories

Westside Wholesale presents landscape light accessories that are necessary for proper installation of outdoor lighting. When we hear the word ‘accessories’, it may seem that this is something not really important, referring to something superficial. Possibly, in some other sphere, this can be so. However, this is different in landscape lighting. Ignoring issues in landscape lighting means that a person is neglecting security issues.

One of the products in Westside Wholesale is the Malibu Lighting ML601D2 (8150-9802-02). This cable connector is a necessary thing for landscape lighting. We guarantee high-quality and durability of all accessories offered at Westside Wholesale. Use this cable connector for each pair of fixtures. Homeowners will not be able to light up the area around the house without this item.

ML5C is a Malibu Lighting low voltage cable connector. It serves to connect 2 low voltage cable ends. Application of connector helps to connect separate lengths of cable. One can split the cable in this way too.

Acquire a pack of halogen light bulbs Malibu Lighting ML10H2C (8102-9010-02). They deliver white light. Halogen bulbs are known for their durable work. Incandescent bulbs are not able to provide such long lasting functioning.

Westside Wholesale offers one more product from Malibu Lighting--Malibu Landscape Lighting Low Voltage Photo Control Remote 8150-9805-01 for enhanced automated work of lighting around your house. One may need to buy a timer in order to customize work of outdoor transformers and lights.

FA-05 is Focus Quick connector. Use it for cable wires 12/2, 10/2 and 12/3. It is important to use it with products from Focus Industries only! Corona lighting CX-839 is 12V universal low voltage cable connector. Use this item to connect the cables. Buy cover holder for low voltage lights Corona Lighting CX-238. Silver plated lens looks elegant and nice.

A variety of outdoor lighting fixtures require a lot of additional items in order to manage lighting effectively. Enhance the work of your exterior illumination with items from Westside Wholesale.

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