Landscape Lighting Transformers

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About Landscape Lighting Transformers

Landscape lighting provides amazing possibilities; possibilities that are not always clear to people who are not technically savvy. One can arrange an amazing illumination at a reasonable price with the right approach and with products from Westside Wholesale. Invite the lighting designer to your place or the electrician to determine what exactly is necessary for ideal lighting.

Proper planning should help. Determine the types of outdoor lighting fixtures to determine total wattage and buy a transformer. The person usually acquires recessed lighting, floodlights, path lights, entry lanterns, scones, hanging lights, in ground lights and etc. It will be easy to see the full picture having the outdoor lighting plan at your disposal. Purchase of the transformer is a very important stage that determines the future functionality of lighting in your house.

Westside Wholesale provides high-quality transformers from Malibu Lighting that will care about low voltage lighting at your place.

  • 600 Watt Malibu Lighting Electrical Transformer 8100-0600-01
  • 200 Watt Malibu Lighting Electrical Transformer 8100-0200-01
  • 200 Watt Malibu Lighting Electrical Transformer 8100-0200-01
  • 120 Watt Malibu Landscape Lighting Electrical Transformer 8100-9120-01

Quality metal construction is perfect for outdoor use. The installation is easy. All these transformers are high end with black finish. They feature built-in photo eye for better control of the system. Transformers easily convert the household electricity turning the system into a low-voltage one without problems.

Make all calculations correctly. Person should add wattages of different fixtures. It will help him to determine the type of transformer necessary for his place. The transformer capacity should exceed the total obtained in the course of calculations. It will give freedom to introduce changes to your plan. The homeowner can easily add a pair of fixtures in this case. The biggest part of homeowner-grade transformers are for outdoor use only. Upgrade the transformer for indoor use.

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