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Lasko has more than a century's experience in producing superior heating and cooling products for the home. From innovative ceramic space heaters to portable fans and baseboard heaters, Lasko offers solutions to help you feel more comfortable at home. It's an American-based, social responsibility-focused company that believes in value and quality. Westside Wholesale proudly carries a wide selection of state-of-the-art and reliable Lasko heaters, fans, humidifiers and more.

Lasko is a brand that truly cares about indoor comfort. Portable, pedestal, and tower fans help circulate air and accommodate many different room set ups. These Lasko fans come with a variety of features, including many that are remote controlled or space saving designs. Lasko space heaters also help the customer control indoor temperatures, allowing for a more comfortable home during cold seasons.

Other products available here at Westside Wholesale are meant to provide stellar indoor air quality. This includes Lasko's portable air purifiers. These use advanced filtration to remove impurities in the air while recirculating fresh air throughout the room. This can be accomplished through HEPA filtration, UV radiation, carbon filtration, or combinations of the above to effectively remove airborne bacteria, dust, dander, odors, and much more. Furthermore, Lasko's humidifiers effectively prevent uncomfortable dry conditions. They also recirculate in order to evenly distribute humidified air throughout the space.

Here at Westside Wholesale, you can find the perfect Lasko fan, heater, humidifier, air purifier and other accessories for your needs. If you have any questions about Lasko fans, heaters, air purifiers, or humidifiers or want to place an order, please contact a team member here at Westside Wholesale.

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