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Lasko 6101
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Lasko 6101
Lasko Heater, Infrared Quartz w/SaveSmart & Remote Control - Gray
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About Lasko Space Heaters

Lasko space heaters are helpful tools to keep us warm even in cold weather and locations. Being on the market for some time, the Lasko company puts every effort in making superior space heaters that are relied on by many customers world-wide. The space heaters produced by Lasko are known to be the high quality products that will last for years to come.

Space heaters today are useful and cost-efficient alternative to central heating systems and water heaters. Being able to heat the room fast, Lasko space heaters are widely used to heat individual rooms, small space areas and offices. The heaters are enabled to raise the temperature by a few degrees quickly and effectively providing necessary warms to the inhabitants.

The Lasko space heaters are effective due to these important features:

  • Convection Heaters. Equipped with powerful fans, they are able to heat from small to medium space areas efficiently and quickly in little time. The profound ceramic space heaters are designed to deliver the desired heat level at once. Another great feature is oscillating fan that is able to do the heat distributing job throughout the needed space area quickly and sufficiently.
  • Digital Display. Many Lasko space heaters are equipped with digital display that helps to monitor heater's features and adjust the need temperature.
  • The Timer. The eight-hour timer is incorporated with overheat protection sensors that are able to ensure the high level of personal safety of the household or office members.
  • Adjustable Thermostat. The thermostat is enabled to control perfectly the set temperature that will adjust automatically.
  • No Noise. Many experts have agreed with superior quality of Lasko heaters as they tend to produce very little or no noise. It is a great feature for the household members who are sensible to the noise-related irritants.
  • Remote Control insures safe operation of the Lasko space heaters in the distance.
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