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Leatherman 26804399
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The story of Leatherman began in 1982. The idea of having a multipurpose tool began merely by happenstance as Mr. Leatherman’s car was routinely breaking down or he was repairing something. He routinely discovered that he never seemed to have the right tool that would assist with his circumstances. On July 5, 1983 Tim Leatherman along with Steve Berliner, a college friend began the process of shaping their idea based on the principle of creating a high quality tool made in the USA and a good wage to local workers.

"It has to be perfect; my name’s on every tool." —Tim Leatherman

Leatherman Tool Group was founded in 1983 by Tim Leatherman in Portland, Oregon. After a decade of banging around and going door to door the duo finally produced the first tool called the Pocket Survival Tool or PST. Packing a dozen essential tools into one, it became the standard for many years until its retirement in 2004.

Leatherman Tool Timeline

THE SUPER TOOL. In 1994 came the Super Tool, which contained a very precise locking mechanism that proved to be extremely durable. It contained 10 locking blades and became favored by the professional and enthusiast alike. Leatherman would retire this by 2001. The Super Tool 300 is the replacement.

MICRA TOOL. Micra tool was born in 1996 and quickly became a very popular keychain tool. It contains spring action scissors along with 9 other tools making it a must have. Today it’s still going strong.

THE ORIGINAL WAVE TOOL. The original WAVE tool debuted in 1998 and expanded on previous pocket tool offerings with easy access to locking blades with opening the tool itself. It was accompanied by seven additional tool blades and with its rounded handles provided extreme comfort. Its retirement was met in 2004. The replacement is simply called WAVE.

CRUNCH TOOL. The Crunch is a vise grip plier tool capable of clamping a 1-inch diameter pipe and features a quick release button unlike anything on the market at the time. It remains in production to this day. It contains 15 tools in one.

PULSE TOOL. The Pulse became available in the year 2000. It entailed a sliding lock making the blades easy to be locked or released. It was retired in 2004. See the Super Tool 3000 or WAVE for replacement or upgrade.

SUPER TOOL 200. The Super tool arrived in 2001 and was an upgraded version of the original Super Tool. It included a rounded serrated knife tip and rounded handles. It was retired in 2006. See the SuperTool 300 for upgrade.

SQUIRT P4. The quirt is a mini set of pliers. Attachable to a keyring along with three screwdrivers, a wire cutter, a knife blade it was the go to tool for many years before being retired in 2010. See the SQUIRTR PS4.

SQUIRT E4. The Squirt E4 became available in 2003. is also a keychain attachable produced in 2003. It contained wire strippers and electrical wire cutters. The spring action pliers quickly became an essential for those working on small cables, fuses, and items in narrow spaces. It was retired in 2010. See the SQUIRT ES4 for replacement.

WAVE. The WAVE was redesign in 2004 and contains 17 tools all in one tools including: long wire cutters, locking blades, pliers. It is presently the most popular tool in the Leatherman product lineup. It includes an eyeglass screwdriver, phillips no. 1-2 & 3/16" screwdriver.

SURGE. The Surge became available in 2005. Containing 21 tools, it’s a powerful all in one multi-tool with large pliers, multiple blades, bit drivers, and four blades.

HYBRID. The Hybrid was introduced in 2006. It contained pruners, screwdrivers, saws, knife, and pruner, bottle opener, and weed remover. It was popular with gardening enthusiasts. It was retired in 2009.

SKELETOOL. The Skeletool debut began in 2008. Weighing only 5 ounces it contains a stainless steel blade, bit driver, pliers, removable pocket clip and has a carabiner style bottle opener. Its ideally suited for the outdoor enthusiast.

SUPER TOOL 300. The Super Tool 300 is an award-winning working man’s tool which became available in 2009. Designed for professionals or tradesmen wearing gloves. Containing two types of wire cutters, electrical crimper, 4 screwdrivers, and several pliers a serrated knife. Containing 19 tools, has become the standard by which all other multi-tools are measured.

THE MUT. The Mut is a tactical tool made in 2010. It a multi-tool that appeals to military, law enforcement, and civilians. It contains 16 tools including saw, hammer, rod/brush adaptor, bit driver, crimper, wire cutters, pliers.

STYLE PS. The Style PS became available in 2011. It contains 8 toos including needle nose pliers, a file, scissors, tweezers, bottle opener and mini-screwdriver. It fits in a pocket or clips onto a backpack or bag.

BREWZER. The brewser tool became available in 2012 and is a multi-purpose flat tip tool. It can be used as a bottle opener or pry tool. Its manufactured from high strength steel alloy and is corrosion resistant.

Leatherman Distributor

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Leatherman Warranty

The Leatherman warranty is one of the best in the industry. They offer a 25-year guarantee for tools. Their warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, loss due to theft, misplacement, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use. In addition it will not cover sheaths, accessories, imprinting, color finishes, cleaning, or sharpening.