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About Cree Lighting LED Light Bulbs

Cree lighting is a new direction of Cree Company and a real revolution in the world of lighting devices and fixtures. They are known to manufacture the product lines of high quality challenging a traditional design of fixtures. Cree is a real leader of the lighting market and innovator of LED lighting that is an innovative and exceptional way of lighting the inside of home or apartment. Cree LED lighting is now used everywhere - in commercial, retail and industrial applications, creating amazing beautifully lit locations all over the world.

We at Westside Wholesale know an important role of lighting in interior and generally in every day life that is why we are willing to suggest to our clients this outstanding product line of LED lighting by Cree. The line is an exceptional source of top quality lighting that is both environmental friendly and economical. The wide range of module kits for recessed lighting, recessed light engines, down light trims with various reflectors (4 an 6 inches), and different models of housings.

The module kits by Cree we stock at Westside Wholesale are just great for both commercial and residential applications, they provide great deal of features such as energy efficiency, light output, subtle brightness of the light and they are dimmable adjusting the level of light according to personal preferences and situation.

The Cree Led lighting product line contains no mercury harmful for the health and is less energy consuming, this all makes it highly attractive for millions of our customers all over the world.

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