Leviton GFCI Outlets

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How to Select

About Leviton GFCI Outlets

Designed by a leading manufacturer in the electrical industry, Leviton GFCI outlets are qualified for both residential and commercial use. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are especially necessary in hospitals, schools and other environments where protecting people from electrical shock is most important. That's why Leviton guarantees that their GFCI outlets are NEC and UL qualified so that you don't have to sacrifice safety for an electrical outlet.

Westside Wholesale stocks an impressive selection of Leviton GFCI receptacles, including hospital grade and 20 amp versions. These Leviton outlets feature tamper-proof and weather-resistant components, as well as self-test, guide light and slim, easy-to-install models. Many Leviton GFCI outlets come standard with wall plates; for those that don't, simply pair them with a Leviton wall plate of a corresponding color and size, also available here at Westside Wholesale.

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