LG Recessed Lighting

LG LF53074032B.C30GWUO
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LG LF53074032B.C30GWUO
LG T-Bar LED Ceiling Mounted Lay-In Flat Light Fixture, 120-277V, 53 Watt Dimmable - 4000K - 3816 Lumens
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About LG Recessed Lighting

A world leader in producing household appliances, LG won all markets worldwide and attracts clients by offering products of high quality at affordable prices.

LG lighting production is outstanding, modern, and unique. The features that make their products really outstanding are functionality, its creative design, and affordable prices.

Westside Wholesale’s emphasis is solving customers lighting issues by proposing high quality and energy efficient lighting products which is why we have chosen LG lighting as one of our best online offers.

As a manufacturer, LG stays up to date with all the newest technologies and constantly expands its product line by appealing to the interests and needs of all its customers worldwide. LG continues to expand their lighting line and we at Westside Wholesale continuely add their innovative LED lighting and recessed lighting products to our site.

The outstanding features of the LED lighting line is that all the products are energy efficient and long lasting. The recessed lighting fixtures are stylish and designed to be easy to install meeting any décor needs and lighting projects.

Here at Westside Wholesale we offer our customers the ceiling mounted lay-in fixture by LG. This LED fixture will provide any room with bright illumination for any home or commercial space.

For instance, the 3500K color temperature produces a warm white light, which is appropriate for house illumination.

Buy LG lighting to ensure the best quality illumination products today!

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