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Westside Wholesale presents products of one the leading American light solutions provider Westinghouse. Westinghouse Lighting is a worldwide powerhouse owning distribution channels and centers located in many different countries. Our customers are assured to purchase trusted light bulbs created in accordance to the innovative technologies to make their houses energy-efficient places.

Westinghouse light bulbs have an exceptional reputation as a producer of true quality and affordable lighting for general purposes. Customers will be satisfied with variety of regular A-Line incandescent lamps, decorative lamps like F (flame style), B (bullet shape), T (torpedo tip), globe shapes and bulbs for special application.

Westinghouse has developed several high-technology single and double ended halogen bulbs (T2, T3, T4). Westinghouse has attained great progress in sunlight technology with their RealiteFull Spectrum bulbs line. The company has created its brand name with special series of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. For every particular need the brand offers innovative and quality solutions.

Westinghouse long-life compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) present a variety of sizes and shapes and last on average for 10,000 hours. CFL main features involve ideal rendition of color and various color temperatures, as well as offering 3-way, colored, dimmable, coated and special bulbs. Standard and mini-twist designs are available.

With energy-saving LED lamps made by Westinghouse customers can cut the consumption of energy about 90%, in comparison to kin lumen output of halogen and incandescent light bulbs. Westinghouse LED lamps guarantee up to 50,000 hours lifespan, which is 20 times more than halogen lamps and require no maintenance. They are available in both cool and warm color temperature.

Westinghouse energy-saving halogen bulbs perform superior illumination quality and reducing costs and energy usage at the same time. These bulbs are dimmable and instant on, sold in various traditional sizes and shapes. Westinghouse bulbs are a cost-efficient alternative to replace out-of-date incandescent ones which can’t meet present energy standards. In fact halogen bulbs are company’s most successful specialty. Westinghouse produces lamps for task lighting called bipin bulb. Such lamps are extensively used at homes, for example, in kitchens. The product line breadth offers loads of options.

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