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Light Motion Sensors: Save Money, Energy and Time


Keys, cell phone, wallet: These are typically the top three things we check on our mental to-do list as we’re rushing out the door. But too often, we forget to turn off the lights as we’re heading out of the house or even after leaving a room. Installing a light motion sensor in indoor and outdoor areas is an easy way to save time, energy and money.

What is a Light Motion Sensor?

A light motion sensor (also called a light motion detector or motion-sensing light switch) automatically turns the lights on when motion in a room is detected, and switches the lights off when no motion is detected after a certain time period.

Where to Install a Light Motion Sensor Switch

It’s recommended that you install a light motion sensor in areas that are only used briefly. Low- to medium-traffic spaces such as garages, kitchen pantries, bathrooms, guest bedrooms and storage or utility closets are just a few examples of rooms we use for short periods of time. Outdoor areas, such as your front porch, driveway or backyard, are also ideal places for light motion sensor switches.

On the other hand, installing a motion sensor in a high-traffic place like the main bedroom, living room or dining room might not be as beneficial. Why? It will still consume energy as it turns the lights on and off again. Instead, you may want to invest in an energy-saving LED light bulb that consumes less electricity, even when it is on for an extended period of time.

Benefits of Light Motion Sensors

Still not sure if you need a light motion sensor? Consider the following features and benefits:

Environmentally friendly – Since they turn off lights in low-traffic areas, light sensors help you conserve energy and avoid wasting electricity.

Cost efficient – In addition to being eco-friendly, motion sensors also help you save money on your electricity bills by turning off lights when they’re not needed.

Keeps your home or office safe – When used outside along with a home or office security system, motion sensors can also trigger your porch or backyard lights, which can deter burglars.

Convenient at night – A motion sensor can automatically illuminate the way when it’s dark, saving you the hassle of finding the switch or sparing you from minor accidents (such as tripping on or bumping into objects).

We offer a variety of light motion sensors in different mounting types to suit your home or office décor style and budget. In addition, we carry leading brands such as First Alert, WattStopper, Leviton, Lutron, Intermatic and RAB Lighting. Make your home or office more safe and energy efficient and check out all of our motion sensors today.


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