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About Forecast Lighting Ceiling Lighting

Forecast Lighting was founded in 1970, but in 2010 the whole production complex was merged with Philips North America. With new management, this solid industrial giant progressed intensively offering a wide array of ultramodern lighting products. Westside Wholesale offers a wide range of semi-flush ceiling lightings from Forecast lighting. Our customers will be glad with high quality and outstanding design of ceiling lightings in this catalogue section.

One of the virtues of Forecast Lighting manufacturing is diversity in design and finishing. Homeowners can find a suitable ceiling lighting for any style of interior,whether it is Mediterranean, modern or high-tech. Customers can choose from various featured collections in Westside Wholesale store: organic modern (with imitation of wooden and natural stone fabrics), ecoframe (with original art-works) and etc. The usage of these pieces of arts has no limits.

Forecast Lighting ceiling lightings are beautiful and stylish, but in the same time they are practical. Different flexible fixtures provide easiness of the installing process. Lightings use a wide array of light sources: LED, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps. Our customers can be sure that their houses will shine brighter with Forecast Lighting products from our store.

Westside Wholesale offers chandeliers, pendant multi-way ceiling lightings and classic semi-flush lightings from Forecast. Frames made of steel or aluminum guarantee durability, therefore, delaying the expiration date dramatically. Shades are made of solid transparent materials, durable and beautiful.

Despite craft-like style and delicate outlook ceiling lightings in this store section are versatile in allocation and can be used in bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms and kitchens. Due to a wide variety of shades types homeowners can create different lighting effects. Textured shades create soft light and add some mystery to the interior with randomly shaped shadows. Shades of glass are useful for general illumination and ambient light.

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