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About WAC Lighting Ceiling Lighting

Ever since WAC Lighting was founded in 1984, it was a loyal to customers lighting company. Huge investments in developing low voltage halogen lamps and track lighting turned out to be a good decision and today this company is one the leaders in lighting industry. Westside Wholesale offers ceiling lightings from WAC lighting, practical, simple and qualitative. We hope, our customers will find in our store products befitting their taste and purse.

Products of WAC are cost efficient and practical. Westside Wholesale sells handy adjustable single spotlights, which are best to use for creating accented lighting. WAC Lighting ME-808, ME-007, ME-101 and MI-1126 are good examples of single spotlights. Fixtures use magnetic devices to provide durability and easiness of the installation. They are also flexible and allow homeowners to determine the direction of the light beam. In-built deflectors dispel the light. Ceiling lightings are based on "quick connect" canopies and easy to install, change and repair. Westside Wholesale sells WAC Lighting QMP-MI-BN, a canopy for a single spotlight.

Westside Wholesale offers triple spotlights with each spotlight being independent from the others. WAC Lighting PAN-101-WT/PT or WAC Lighting PAN-102-WT/PT can be used in any room as ceiling lightings or wall lightings due to their versatility and tuning options. Fixtures also use magnetic transformers. All products in our store have different color options and finishes. WAC lighting ceiling lights are as practical as they are beautiful and simple.

For homeowners, who want to add some drama within a room and focus attention of guests on different objects and decorations, adjustable directional spotlights are the best solution. Various items (artworks, pictures, different room zones etc.) can be spotlighted by changing the angle of the light beam, easy and stylish. Our customers can rely on efficiency and durability of WAC lighting products by reason of 5-year guarantee and good reviews from happy WAC lighting clients.

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