LighTech Electrical Transformers

About LighTech Electrical Transformers

The Westside Wholesale offers electrical transformers designed and produced by LightTech. The products are manufactured for those who wish to save their electrical equipment at home or in office from the power fluctuations in the electrical networks, caused by weather issues or some crash problems. The customers who buy electrical transformers by LightTech at the Westside Wholesale are always satisfied with their quality and low prices. All the buyers know about numerous discounts or free 3-day delivery option for some items that are on sale. We offer exclusive products with a number of valuable specifications that attract customers worldwide.

LightTech Electrical Transformers: Specifications

Due to the following specifications, the products by LightTech, are very attractive to the customers:

  • The possibility to convert line voltage (120V) to low voltage (12V) in safe use;
  • Compact design allows the transformers to be hidden easily;
  • Chance to create the perfect lighting;
  • Specific distance limitations;
  • Dimmable;
  • Highly efficient;
  • Permanent protection on output;
  • Maximum loads: 300W; 150W; 75W;
  • Minimum loads: 50W; 20W;
  • Dimensions: 36mm x 42mm x 240mm; 20mm x 33mm x 53mm;
  • AC Input: 120V 60Hz;
  • AC Output: 11.7V 30kHz; 11.7V 40kHz; 11.8V 30kHz;
  • Input Current at Max Load: 2.5A; 0.635A; 1.25A;
  • Output Current at Max Load: 25.5A; 12.56A; 6A;
  • Power Factor: 0.985;
  • Certifications: UL and C-UL Listed;
  • Max. Harmonic Distortion: 14.8%.

Such features and specifications of the electrical transformers by the LightTech offered by the Westside Wholesale allow them to reach the mark of the best items in this market segment. Furthermore, for all the products, we offer a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer directly. In any case, these electrical transformers will serve for even much longer time as they are produced of the durable materials. The reliability of the electrical transformers by the LightTech is one the distinctive features of the brand.

The prices start at just 18.60$ that’s why the products of this brand are even more attractive for the customers, satisfied not only with the reliability, but also with the affordability of this product line. Some discounts offered by the Westside Wholesale are available throughout the whole year. It is also possible to earn the so called “dollars”, and then spend them on the further purchases. Very useful for everyone!

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